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Who will take home the $50,000 prize that Zepetto offers at the 3rd annual PBIC? 13 Sep, 2013

- 9 teams, 8 countries, more than 40K spectators expected for 3rd PBIC

- Players will be provided the flight & accommodation fee as a default prize PLUS, the chance to win the grand cash prize.



Point Blank (also known as Project Blackout or PB), is an online First Person Shooting (FPS) game developed by Zepetto( Zepetto is holding the 3rd world-wide tournament Point Blank International Championship (PBIC) in Bangkok, Thailand on October, 2013 with a total cash prize of $50,000.

PBIC is the annual world-wide tournament of which the developer company, Zepetto, is the main and lead sponsor. Zepetto is the only FPS developer company to take the initiative of arranging and sponsoring world-wide FPS tournaments. The first annual PBIC was held in 2011 in South Korea. Point Blank players from all over the world will be invited to compete at a mass competition to reveal and to prove to be the best of the world.  This coming competition will be the third annual PBIC and will be hosted by Garena, which is the publisher that is in partnership with Zepetto in Thailand. Due to the remarkable growth of Point Blank in Thailand and most of all other countries, the 3rd PBIC is inviting 9 teams from 8 countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Latin America, Philippine, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey to a two days competition to battle for the championship. Zepetto will provide a totalof $50,000 cash prize to the winning teams and new contents and map will be designed to commemorate PBIC.

PBIC provides the opportunity for players around the world to gather in one place to battle and prove their skills at an official e-sports event. This event will be an excellent source of marketing material for the publisher in 70 different countries. The players have considerable interest in PBIC since they may be selected to be the national representatives in the global tournaments. Just this already proves to be extremely effective for marketing use.

Jean Kim, Zepetto’s CEO said, “We have been receiving a lot of messages and emails from users inquiring about when the 3rd PBIC will be held this year. We have prepared not only the tournaments, but also the specialized contents for the 3rd PBIC. I am happy to announce the commencement of this year’s PBIC, as players have been waiting for a year.”

Forrest Li, CEO of Garena said “Garena is well known for its capabilities of organizing large scale of online game events, such as Garena Star League (GSL), which was organized by us and became one of the biggest game festivals in Asia. Leveraging on our know-how and experience, we are proud to be the host of the 3rd PBIC in Bangkok where we see tremendous enthusiasms from our Point Blank gamers. We aim to bring the 3rd annual PBIC to a higher level and make it a world class game tournaments event.”

Until September, the publishers from each country will open opportunities for users to participate in local tournaments. These local tournaments will serve as the elimination rounds and the winning teams will be selected as the representatives of their countries at PBIC. Players will be flown out and accommodation will be provided, as well as the chance to win the grand prize. Any Point Blank players are qualified to participate in the elimination tournaments. Visit to find out how to participate in the elimination tournaments held in each country.

At PBIC, besides Point Blank tournament, also various exciting events are prepared where online-gamers can find out the news for new developments in Point Blank, announcements, developers’ conferences, and many more events which would entertain all participants and the spectators.

Point Blank is now being played by over 50 million users from 70 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America.