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Meet PBIC 2019 teams! 09 Oct, 2019


PBIC 2019 is only 3 days away!

Take a look at the teams coming to PBIC 2019!






Black Dragons (Brazil)

Black Dragons has made it to international stage again!

From previous PBWC 2019 squad, two members are changed.

(rhz ↔ vett / Prozin ↔ light)

But newly added rhz and Prozin already have enough experience at international stage so they still look extremely dangerous.

But a serious challenge is waiting for them because they are facing strongest team in Point Blank, which are Indonesia and Thailand.

So if they want to lift the trophy for Brazil, they will have to give their best shot from the group stage.





SKRUM (Turkey & Azerbaijan)

The team itself maybe new, but their players are not!

SpaceJRR! had to watch PBIC 2018 as a commentator back at Istanbul last year.

But this year, he is taking part in the international stage for the first time!

Other players have sufficient experience in international stage.

Turkey&Azerbaijan's best achievement in international tournament is 3rd,

and this was made by Poling(PBWC 2016), LoL1hp(PBWC 2016) and shales(PBWC 2018).

To find greater success, they will first have to overcome Indonesia and Russia in the Group stage.

In addition, they will also have to take revenge against RascaL Gaming from Philippines.

Because Feragano, Poling and LoL1hp took part in PBIC 2018 and lost to RascaL Gaming in Korea, so they need to pay back if they hope to reach semifinal knockout stage.





Attack All Around (Thailand)

Thailand is the strongest region of Point Blank in terms of number of trophy earned.

Attack All Around, they won a lot of local tournaments but when it comes to Thailand Qualifier, they somehow strangely lost. They broke that jinx at PBWC 2019, and made it to PBIC as well!

Their first challenge in international stage ended as runner-up by Indonesia.

They are coming to Indonesia to make the revenge and become the champion,

but their group looks really dangerous.

They not only have to defeat Indonesia, but also Brazil, the 2 times PBWC winning country.

But it is a challenge they have to overcome if they are aiming to be the champion.





We.GoinG.Well (Venezuela)

In 2018, Peruvian team Pantawalon eSports dominated Latin American region.

But this time, they defeated Peruvian team and became the representative of Latin American region, for the first time since PBIC 2016.

Their captain, TokeN, have participated in PBIC in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

The team will seriously need his leadership, if they want to advance to semifinal knockout stage.




RascaL Gaming (Philippines)

They represented Philippines in PBIC 2018 and came back to PBIC once again, with no change in team member.

Although it was 7 years ago, Philippines once reached final of PBIC.

In order for them to reach semifinal knockout stage, they will need to achieve victory against Indonesia, Russia and Turkey&Azerbaijan.

It is indeed a tough challenge for them but they defeated Turkey&Azerbaijan in PBIC 2018, so they are certainly up to the task.




AoeXe (Russia)

2 times PBIC champion, 2 times runner-up, the legendary team from Russia is coming to PBIC once again.

In 2015 and 2017 where PBIC was held in Jakarta, AoeXe reached final.

Recently in 2018 and 2019, performance from Russian side was not as good as other contenders such as Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil.

They will seek to turn this around at Jakarta, where they have experience of reaching to finals.




※ Indonesian teams for PBIC will be chosen on Friday(Oct 11th)


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