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PBIC 2019 comes back to Indonesia! 21 Aug, 2019




PBIC 2019 will be held in Indonesia on 12~13th October, to celebrate Indonesia's 10th year of Point Blank service.

In Indonesia, Point Blank was first launched in 2009. And throughout a decade, Indonesia has always shown strong performance in international tournaments.

Indonesia became champion of PBIC twice in 2012 and 2017, and they were all when PBIC was held in Indonesia. This year in May, Indonesia proved their power by lifting PBWC trophy. And as host nation of PBIC, they will be looking forward to retake PBIC trophy and make 2019 the year of Indonesia for Point Blank.


But other participants certainly do not want that to happen.

Thailand, Brazil, Russia, Turkey&Azerbaijan, Latin America, and Philippines will participate in PBIC 2019 to contend for glory.

Thailand, previous year's PBIC champion, has experience of lifting PBIC trophy in Indonesia in 2015,

and will be looking forward to defend their PBIC title.

Russia reached final twice in Indonesia in 2015 and 2017. They will be looking forward to get their third PBIC trophy.

Brazil has won PBWC twice and they are very strong contenders for PBIC title and yet, they do not have PBIC title yet. This will be their opportunity to lift PBIC trophy for the first time.

And Turkey&Azerbaijan, Latin America and Philippines are also looking forward to create an upset to present a pleasant surprise and prove their strength to global fans.


7 nations, 8 Teams will collide in 12~13th October to make their home proud, over a prize pool of USD 99,000.

Who will lift be the champion of PBIC this year? Don't miss it!


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