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Attack All Around : Thailand PBWC 2019 national Team! 24 May, 2019




Attack All Around, one of the strongest team in Thailand,

finally made their debut to international scene for the first time ever!


Attack All Around, was founded by X-Cover, the player who won the very first PBIC held in Seoul in 2011.

AAA has won a lot of local tournaments and they are always one of the favorite teams of Thailand fans.

However, when it comes to Qualifier tournament,s they somehow suffered upsets.

This time, after a long wait, they have finally won PBWC 2019 Thailand Qualifier, and came to Moscow.


Although it is AAA's first time participating in international scene, they have extremely strong squad such as

EthAnzera, the MVP of PBWC 2018, and Edwinwisely, who took part in PBIC 2017.

After AAA won Thailand Qualifier, Dopper posted his feelings on his facebook, saying how grateful he is,

and how much he had been waiting for this moment in his 9 years of PB gamer life.


They will not be satisfied to be just coming to international tournament. They will be looking to bring the trophy home.


Watch their action live at:





Attack All Around's Qualifier Result


1. Round of 16 Game 1, VS Vanon Team (Map: Provence)

Score 6 : 0 AAA win


2. Round of 16 Game 2, VS Vanon Team (Map: Stormtube)

Score 6 : 0 AAA win


3. Quarterfinal Game 1, VS Ozone.Victory (Map: Midtown)

Score 8 : 6 AAA win


4. Quarterfinal Game 2, VS Ozone.Victory (Map: Safe House)

Score 8 : 3 AAA win


5. Semifinal Game 1, VS Logitech G-Host (Map: Downtown)

Score 7 : 1 AAA win


6. Semifinal Game 2, VS Logitech G-Host (Map: Midtown)

Score 7 : 5 AAA win


7. Final Game 1, VS Signature.PB (Map: Safe House)

Score 8 : 6 AAA win


8. Final Game 2, VS Signature.PB (Map: Provence)

Score 7 : 9 AAA lose


9. Final Game 3, VS Signature.PB (Map: Downtown)

Score 9 : 8 AAA win