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RRQ TCN : Indonesia PBWC 2019 national Team! 24 May, 2019




RRQ has made it to international scene again!

But don't get confused! RRQ TCN is the different team from RRQ Endeavour!

RRQ TCN was originally "Team Capcorn".

RRQ, one of popular e-Sports club in Indonesia decided to sponsor "Team Capcorn" 

before PBNC 2019 Season 1, Indonesian PBWC 2019 Qualifier.

Then "Team Capcorn" took part in PBNC 2019 Season 1 under the name of "RRQ TCN"

and they became the champion in the very first tournament they took part under the new name!


Traditionally being one of the strongest nation of Point Blank, even though it's RRQ TCN's first time to participate in

international tournament, most people considers RRQ TCN to be one of the favorites to win PBWC.

And Indonesia have yet to lift the trophy in PBWC.

So Indonesian fans will be very eager to see RRQ TCN to bring home the pride!


Their performance on international scene can be viewed at:





RRQ TCN's Qualifier Result


1. Group Stage Match 1, VS Xgate OSV (Map: Safe House)

Score 10 : 6 RRQ TCN win


2. Group Stage Match 2, VS CFTZ (Map: Sandstorm)

Score 9 : 6 RRQ TCN win


3. Group Stage Match 3, VS Recca Esports (Map: Downtown)

Score 10 : 7 RRQ TCN win


4. Quarterfinal, VS PG Barracx (Map: Stormtube)

Score 6 : 0 RRQ TCN win


5. Semifinal, VS XCN Xgate (Map: Provence)

Score 10 : 7 RRQ TCN win


6. Final Game 1, VS The Prime (Map: Stormtube)

Score 8 : 7 RRQ TCN win


7. Final Game 2, VS The Prime (Map: Sandstorm)

Score 9 : 5 RRQ TCN win