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Black Dragons : Brazil PBWC 2019 National Team! 24 May, 2019




Black Dragons made their debut in international scene at PBWC 2017 held in Moscow.

Back then, they unfortunately couldn't make it to semifinals with only Kill score difference.

Now, they came to Moscow once again to prove themselves.


The team itself is only taking part in international scene for second time.

However players have a lot of international experience.


Koyote and Foox already have experience in Moscow and they lifted PBWC trophy in 2016.

bezn1 and light have made their debut to international tournament only last year.

However as for bezn1, it is already his 3rd time participating in international tournament.

And Vett, Brazilian star player who often use snipers is finally making his debut on international scene.


Out of 3 PBWCs held so far, Brazil has won 2. Will they make it to 3 this weekend?

You can watch it for yourselves at:



Facebook: facebookcom/onlinefpspb



Black Dragon's Qualifier Result


1. Quarterfinal Game 1, VS Yakuz4 (Map: Stormtube)

Score 10 : 5 Black Dragons win


2. Quarterfinal Game 2, VS Yakuz4 (Map: Blowcity)

Score 6 : 0 Black Dragons win


3. Semifinal Game 1, VS Uncharted Black (Map: Stormtube)

Score 7 : 2 Black Dragons win


4. Semifinal Game 2, VS Uncharted Black (Map: Sandstorm)

Score 7 : 5 Black Dragons win

5. Final Game 1, VS New Eagles (Map: Downtown)
Score 8 : 3 Black Dragons win

6. Final Game 2 VS New Eagles (Map: Luxville)
Score 8 : 4 Black Dragons win