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Evos Galaxy Sades : Indonesian PBIWC 2019 National Team! 24 May, 2019



Our famous Indonesian women team, Evos Galaxy Sades has made it to PBIWC again!

With Cronoz, Rdev, and Clarity still playing with Evos Galaxy,

Cyrus and Ayse brought new value to the team and they defeated all other teams to represent Indonesia once again!


In last PBIWC 2017, Evos Galaxy unfortunately did not make it to finals.

They will be a lot more prepared this time.

Let's watch if they can make it to finals!






Evos Galaxy Sade's Qualifier Result


1. 1st Match, VS Belletron

Map: Midtown

Score: 7 : 2 Evos Galaxy Win


2. Semifinal, VS Star8 Recall

Map: Provence

Score: 6 : 2 Evos Galaxy Win


3. Final Game 1, VS Star8 Recall

Map: Blowcity

Score: 9 : 7 Evos Galaxy Win


4. Final Game 2, VS Star8 Recall

Map: Midtown

Score: 7 : 6 Evos Galaxy Win