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3A.Power : Russian PBIWC 2019 national Team! 23 May, 2019


Troopers! Russia is participating in PBIWC for the first time!


They have won every match in Russian local tournament: Women’s league [Season IV]. And even in the final, they defeated XGOD without losing a single game!


Here are their interview:


Team Roster:

Svetlana «Renessa» Kasatkina

Alisa «h0ttelka» Chotchaeva 

Elizaveta «Assimetria» Shmidt

Anastasia «Unity» Tambova

Zemfira «Zlaya» Safarova

Q. Hi! Congratulations with your victory on qualifiers. How do you feel about this victory? Was it unexpected or you were confident in your success?

A. Hi! Thank you. We were going for the victory and we are happy that we got a chance to fight in PBIWC. Of course, we never underestimate our opponents. Last weeks were intense, but we are glad that we came up on top.

Q. You are the first Russian female team to represent Russia in PBIWC. How do you feel about this?

A. We are overwhelmed with emotions. It is impossible not feel excited and anxious at the same time!

Q. What can you say to other girls who fought with you in qualifiers?

A. We wish them good luck, to be patient and to keep up the fighting spirit. It is very important to have a strong competition and challenge in pro-scene. And we are looking forward to playing with them again.

Q. Tell us more about your team and yourselves. What do you do outside of the game?

A. We think we have a pretty good roster. Everyone contributes to victory both in the game and outside of it. Outside of the game we do very different things.

Svetlana «Renessa» Kasatkina is studying in a university.

Alisa «h0ttelka» Chotchaeva is dedicating most of her time to the game.

Elizaveta «Assimetria» Shmidt is a veteran pro player. Right now she works and wishes to get more nap time. 

Anastasia «Unity» Tambova studies and works as a designer.

Zemfira «Zlaya» Safarova studies and wants to become a teacher.

Q. What do you know about your opponents from Indonesia and Thailand? How do you feel about them?

A. Other countries have traditionally been stronger in Point Blank. We admire and respect our opponents’ playstyles. They have great teamwork and tactics. They execute their games on a amazing level. We are looking forward to fight with them.

Q. How will prepare for PBIWC?

A. We will have a bootcamp. We will practice and watch our opponents’ games.