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PBIC 2018 Report: Juventus 09 Jan, 2019




PBIC 2018 was held for the second time in Korea since the first PBIC, which was in 2011.

It created a lot of dramas such as going double extra rounds between Signature.PB and Juventus,

and the first ever Indonesia VS Thailand Final in PB e-Sports history.


Let's look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The sixth team to take a look is 3rd place Juventus from Brazil.


Juventus did not get satisfying result in PBWC 2018 as they did not get a single win in the tournament.

Juventus had a big change in their squad from PBWC 2018.

3 players, foox, fznnn, and Koyote joined the team and

all 3 of them had a pleasant memory of lifting the PBWC trophy in Korea in 2016.


Winning against World Judge ESC and Pogiz.RascaL Gaming,

they advanced to semi-final knockout stage as 2nd place of Group A.

In the semi-final they faced Thailand team, Signature.PB.

Thailand team was eager to take revenge on Brazil for the defeat in PBWC 2018 final.

Both sides had a fierce and close match in Game 1 Luxville, creating double extra rounds.

They also had a very close match in Downtown as well but they couldn't win against Thailand this time.


In 3rd place decider, they claimed a victory against AoeXe swiftly in Stormtube with a score of 6:0,

and confirmed their 3rd place spot with a victory in Blowcity.


Below, you can find out the players' performance in PBIC 2018.


※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ K/R : Kill per Round 

※ KP% : Kill Participation 


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