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PBIC 2018 Report: Pantawalon. e-Sports 07 Jan, 2019




PBIC 2018 was held for the second time in Korea since the first PBIC, which was in 2011.

It created a lot of dramas such as going double extra rounds between Signature.PB and Juventus,

and the first ever Indonesia VS Thailand Final in PB e-Sports history.


Let's look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The fourth team to take a look is Pantawalon. e-Sports from Peru.


Pantawalon. e-Sports caused an upset in PBWC 2018

as they won against the champion, 2Kill Gaming in the group stage,

which nearly made 2Kill Gaming knocked out in the group stage.

With change in team line ups as WACHIW0W and MEDUSA joining the team,

they have shown dominant performance in Latin Championship with MEDUSA recording 2.05 Kill/Death,

and won the championship to represent Latin America again in PBIC 2018.


Perhaps having the longest flight among all the participants might have affected their performance.

They couldn't find victory against Russia and Thailand,

ended their PBIC journey in group stage.

However, in the last match they have shown dominant performance

against tRush_Skr, Taiwanese team to give Peruvian fans a little comfort.


Below, you can find out the players' performance in PBIC 2018.


※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ K/R : Kill per Round 

※ KP% : Kill Participation 


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