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PBWC 2018 Report: 2Kill Gaming 20 Jun, 2018



PBWC 2018, the first ever PB global tournament to be held in Brazil has ended. 

It was probably the most fierce tournament ever in PB history,

and the most suitable tournament for the phrase, "Gap is Closing"

PBWC 2018's average round difference in a game was only "2.79",

huge difference from PBIC 2017(5.61) and PBWC 2017(5.31).


It's time to look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The last and the best team we are going to take a look is the Champion, 2Kill Gaming.


2Kill Gaming was the first champion of PBWC.

Although the members were completely different back then,

Brazilian fans were full of expectation that 2Kill would repeat what they had done in Seoul at their home ground.


However their Group Stage performance was not meeting expectation.

Everything was going well when they won against AoeXe on first game.

But Pantawalon e-Sports came with a surprise victory against 2Kill and silenced Brazilian crowd.

When 2Kill suffered second loss after match with TokioStriker,

2Kill's chance of advancing to semi-final was really bleak.

In order for 2Kill to reach semi-final,


  1. AoeXe has to win against Pantawalon, but with a little score difference.
  2. TokioStriker, who already advanced to semi-final, must win against Pantawalon.
The chance seemed to be unlikely, but AoeXe won against Pantawalon by 10:4,
which made 2Kill ahead of AoeXe by just 0.01 win/lose rate!
And although it was close, TokioStriker won against Pantawalon,
presenting 2Kill the last spot for the semi-final.

In the semi-final they faced Indonesian team, PRFS VNG.
Judging from Day 1 performance, PRFS VNG seemed to be likely winner of the match.
However, their performance was completely changed from day 1.
Although it was close, they advanced to final with 2:0 match score.

In the final, they played against TokioStriker again and this time,
they again proved that they are completely different from yesterday
by winning 1st halves with 5:1.
TokioStriker showed strong mentality by dragging both games to extra rounds.
But 2Kill Gaming came out as victor and made the entire Brazilian crowd frantic,
casters and host full of tears.

2Kill Gaming's journey to the crown could be summarized as one word, DRAMATIC.

Congratulations 2 times Champion 2Kill Gaming!


Below, you can find out how 2Kill Gaming performed in PBWC 2018.

※ K/R : Kill per Round
※ K/D : Kill per Death
※ KP% : Kill Participation