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PBWC 2018 Report: Pantawalon e-Sports 11 Jun, 2018




PBWC 2018, the first ever PB global tournament to be held in Brazil has ended. 

It was probably the most fierce tournament ever in PB history,

and the most suitable tournament for the phrase, "Gap is Closing"

PBWC 2018's average round difference in a game was only "2.79",

huge difference from PBIC 2017(5.61) and PBWC 2017(5.31).


It's time to look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The second team we are going to take a look is Peruvian national team,

Pantawalon e-Sports.


Latin American teams were considered to be underdogs,

as they have never reached to semi-final before.

Moreover, they were grouped with strong teams like Thailand TokioStriker,

Russia AoeXe and home team 2Kill Gaming.


However, Peruvians were much more prepared than before,

as they practiced in Brazilian server with help of Brazil teams such as "2Kill Gaming".

And they silenced Brazilian home fans by winning against none other than 2Kill Gaming!

One of great upset of PBWC 2018!

Although they could not advance to knockout stage,

they clinched victory against 2Kill Gaming, champion of PBWC 2018, and

had a really close match with a score of 7:9 against TokioStriker.

Although they did not make it to semi-final this time,

they won't be underdogs any more from the next tournament.


Below, you can find out how players of Pantawalon e-Sports performed in PBWC 2018.


※ K/R : Kill per Round

※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ KP% : Kill Participation


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