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PRFS VNG : Indonesian National Team for PBWC 2018! 14 May, 2018



We now have less than a week for PBWC 2018!

PBWC 2018 will start this Saturday! (May 19th~20th)


In 2017, Indonesia celebrated enthusiastically as their home team

RRQ Endeavour, lifted the trophy in front of their home fans.


In 2018, we may be seeing a new legend to unfold.

PRFS Vengeance Team has won PBGC 2018, winning against all other teams,

including RRQ Endeavour.


How far will they go in PBWC 2018?

Will they be able to prove their strength just like other Indonesian teams?

We will find out soon!


You can find the record below for how PRFS VNG fought their way to Brazil:


Point Blank Garena Championship 2018 (PBGC 2018)


Palembang Regional Qualifier

VS HPGRiGN 6:0 Win (Downtown)

VS Restu Fauzi 6:0 Win (Stormtube)

VS Unlimited8217 6:0 Win (Sand Storm)

VS GVE Mayonaise 6:0 Win (Provence)

VS EXO Not Afraid 7:2 Win (Midtown)

VS HPG TRAiTOR 8:4 Win (Safe House)


PBGC 2018 Regional West

VS Goodluck Gaming ERX KY 7:2 Win (Midtown)


PBGC 2018 Grand Final

Group Stage

PRFS VNG VS vVv - 9:8 Win (Safe House)

PRFS VNG VS Resonance PRFS 6:6 Draw (Midtown)

PRFS VNG VS BSTRD 10:2 Win (Luxville)


Semi-Final PRFS VNG VS RRQ Endeavour

6:0 Win (Luxville)


Final PRFS VNG VS Resonance PRFS

Match 1 - 6:8 Lose (Stormtube)

Match 2 - 7:2 Win (Safe House)

Match 3 - 6:1 Win (Sand Storm)


PBWC 2018 Official homepage:

Youtube Livestream:

PB official facebook: