What is PBIC?

Point Blank International Championship (aka PBIC) had been initiated by Point Blank developer Zepetto from 2011. PBIC is the only FPS international championship tournament which is hosted by the developer company in the world. From 70 countries with 11 publishers, Point Blank is beloved from users all over the world. To participate in PBIC, 300~5,000 teams are competing from whole nation-wide eliminations with online FPS game Point Blank. And finally at PBIC, each national champions from the world is flying over to be the champion of the champions!

PBIC 2013

From October 5th to 6th, during two days, the 3rd PBIC will be held by Garena,
Point Blank Thailand publisher at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand. 9 teams from
Brazil, Indonesia, Latin America, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey.
Total prizes of $ 50,000 is the biggest prizes ever among only FPS game tournaments
which means PBIC 2013 is to be held with the biggest scaled preparation and with
the audiences.

PBIC 2012


PBIC was held in Bandung, Indonesia on 28 May 2012. 10 team participated from 9 countries or regions including Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Latin America, North America, Philippines, Italy. The champion was the “FPF REAL186” team from Indonesia and the 2nd placed winner was “FGW. CMStorm” team from Philippines. Known as the one of the biggest theme park, Trans Studio was full of the fans and audience for PBIC during two days of the tournaments.

PBIC 2011


The First Point Blank International Championship was launched in Seoul, Korea on 28 February 2011. Zepetto had developed the idea of this world-wide level league which none of the FPS developer had been hosting the international league by itself so far. 6 representative teams from total 6 countries Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and Korea had participated in the first PBIC. On the final, ‘MITH’ team from Thailand had breathtaking moments to win ‘TRICK’ team from Korea and became the first champion. Point Blank was played by 30 countries at the moment and the fans were increasing enormously as for the example, Indonesia was recording the concurrent users approximately 270,000.