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Signature.PB : Thailand National Team of PBIC 2018! 29 Oct, 2018

Hello Troopers!


We are delighted to introduce Thailand national team of PBIC 2018, which are looking to claim glory in Seoul!


Thailand has always been the strong contenders for the cup in global PB e-Sports tournament. They were the first champion of PBIC that started in 2011. From that moment, they lifted PBIC trophy 2 more times in 2015 and 2016.

In additon, they are the only country who made it to finals every time in PBWC.


Line-up of Thailand national team looks stronger than ever as well.

PBIC MVP of 2016, KaramaiL is on the list and MoDra, member of champion of PBIC 2016 is also on the list.

Aggressive, who experienced PBIC 2017 as member of Ozone.Victory, will also be a huge help for the team.


Will they claim PBIC trophy again in Korea? Let's find out on November 17th~18th!


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