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Juventus : Brazil National Team of PBIC 2018! 26 Oct, 2018

Hello Troopers!


We are delighted to introduce Brazilian national team of PBIC 2018, which are looking to claim the glory again in Seoul!

They were the participant of PBWC 2018 held in Brazil.

Although Juventus did not advance to semi-final in PBWC 2018,

they got better of 2Kill Gaming, the champion of PBWC 2018 in Seletiva PBIC 2018.


And what's more, there were changes in the team member which

3 players are from the champion of PBWC 2016!


As they have very pleasant memory in Seoul, they will be very confident to lift the trophy once again in Seoul.

Brazilian fans are already cheering for their team with hashtag #Go Juventus or #ForzaJuve.

And Juventus team seems to be extremely excited to be coming to Korea, as they have changed their Facebook page with Korean message!


Let's look forward to their play in Seoul!