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20th May ~ 21th May, 2017 Point Blank World Challenge 2017

Show Us What You Got, We Await Your Challenge

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  • PBWC 2017
  • PBWC 2017
  • PBWC 2017
  • PBWC 2017
The PBWC 2017, the global festival of Point Blank users, took place in Moscow, Russia.
PBWC 2017 was held May 20th through 21st with the best players from all over the world gathering together. The championship was a marvelous success and it was successful with winning Signature.PB from Thailand.

Sokolniki, Pavilion 3, Moscow, Russia

Participating Nation

Russia (zNation / Respect Passage)
Brazil (Black Dragons)
Indonesia (Endeavour 389 ASLAN HFS)
Thailand (Signature.PB)
Europe (For The Win)
India (Entity Esports)
Peru (Luccini.Team)
Turkey (ICE e-Sports Club)


Champion : Thailand (Signature.PB)
2nd Place : Russia (zNation)
3rd Place : Indonesia (Endeavour 389 ASLAN HFS)
4th Place : Turkey (ICE e-Sports Club)
MVP : SiG.RealityJESUS^ (Thailand / Signature.PB / Manutsawat Sangbhadu)

21 Oct ~ 22 Oct, 2017 Point Blank International Championship 2017

Global NO.1 Online FPS Tournament!

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PBIC 2017, the global festival of 2nd half of the year for Point Blank users, took place in Jakarta, Indonesia
PBIC 2017 was held October 21st through 22nd with the best players from all over the world gathering together. Women's tournament was also held for the first time and total of 14 teams fought fiercely for the title. RRQ Endeavour from Indonesia became the champion of PBIC 2017 and TokioStriker Lady from Thailand became the first champion of PBIWC.

The Britama Arena, Jakarta, Indonesia

Participating Nation

Indonesia (RRQ Endeavour DOV 910 HF / RAFTEL ID320 910)
Thailand (Ozone.[Victory]-Hybridman)
Russia (AoeXe)
Brazil (vTi-eSports)
Turkey & MENA (World Judge ESC)
Philippines (Wargods Ace Gaming)
India (Go Figure)
Latin America (TFG-ShadowKill)


Champion: Indonesia (RRQ Endeavour DOV 910 HF)
2nd Place: Russia (AoeXe)
3rd Place: Thailand (Ozone.[Victory]-Hybridman)
4th Place: Indonesia (RAFTEL ID320 910)
MVP: EVRDOV910HFSjack (Indonesia / RRQ Endeavour DOV 910 HF / Yulius)

28th May ~ 29th May, 2016 Point Blank World Challenge 2016

A New Global Point Blank Tournament.

  • PBWC 2016
  • PBWC 2016
  • PBWC 2016
  • PBWC 2016
Fight, and be the world best Point Blank team of the first half ! New upcoming Point Blank global tournament in Seoul, May 2016.
Starting 2016, Zepetto is opening a new global tournament for regions where Point Blank is in Live. The first tournament will be held in Seoul, where Point Blank is created, and any regions are eligible to join this world festival, as long as there are players who enjoy Point Blank.

OGN e-sports stadium, Seoul

Participating Nation

Brazil (2Kill Gaming)
Indonesia (OneMoreAvii)
Korea (Offers)
Russia (AoeXe)
Thalland (Signature PB)
Turkey - Azerbaijan (N1CS MARINE)


Champion : Brazil (2Kill Gaming)
2nd : Thailand (Signature.PB)
3rd : Azerbaijan (Crew)
4th : Russia (AoeXe)
MVP : Foox (Brazil / 2Kill Gaming / Michel Felype de San)

24 Sep. ~ 25 Sep. 2016 Point Blank International Championship 2016

Global NO.1 Online FPS Tournament!

  • PBIC 2016 01
  • PBIC 2016 02
  • PBIC 2016 03
  • PBIC 2016 04
The road to 6th PBIC is coming, and get ready to enjoy the biggest Point Blank e-Sports festival.
Who will be the champion of PBIC 2016 with this evergrowing competitiveness? You will find out during 24th Sept ~ 25th Sept in Bangkok, Thailand, the land of festivals. Please cheer for all competitors with burning desire for the trophy.

Central World, Bankok, Thailand

Participating Nation

Brazi (2Kill Gaming)
Europe (For The Win)
India (NeckBreak)
Indonesia (GuardianForce)
North America (antifrag)
Philippines (Wargods-AceGaming)
Russia (FFWZG)
Singapore & Malaysia (TriArch)
Thailand (Mango by Tt eSPORTS / Ozone.[Vict


Champion : Thailand (Ozone.[Victory]-Hybridman)
2nd : Thailand (Mango by Tt eSPORTS)
3rd : Brazil (2Kill Gaming)
4th : Turkey (Keskin Esports Club)
MVP : OzoneTH.KaramaiL` (Thailand / Ozone.[Victory]-Hybridman / Nuttaphum Suksawat)

10 Oct. ~ 11 Oct. 2015 Point Blank International Championship 2015

The road to the Point Blank International Champion

  • PBIC 2015
  • PBIC 2015
  • PBIC 2015
  • PBIC 2015
The 5th annual PBIC is finally here! It will be held at Tennis Indoor Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia from October 10 to 11, 2015.
In partnership with Garena, PBIC is finally back in Indonesia after 3 years to rejuvenate the professional Point Blank tournament. After hard-fought qualifying matches held around the globe, 11 teams from 10 regions will be in Jakarta for a showdown to win the prize pot of US$100,000. In the course of 2 days, we are bound to see tons of top-level Point Blank players’ action. Don’t miss the event and be a part of the biggest Point Blank tournament ever.

Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Participating Nation

Thailand (DFN GZ-GAMING)
Indonesia (N1CS MARINE / All-Star)
Turkey - Azerbaijan (3D GAMERS)
Russia (AoeXe)
Latin America - Peru (Play'Art)
Brazil (DAIDAI)
North America (anitFrag)
Singapore & Malaysia (nGS)
Philippines (Ace Gaming)
Korea (AIM.flo


Champion : Thailand (DFN GZ-GAMING)
2nd : Russia (AoeXe)
3rd : Indonesia (N1CS MARINE)
4th : Indonesia (All-Star)

27 Sep. ~ 28 Sep. 2014 Point Blank International Championship 2014

Global No.1 Online FPS Tournament.

  • PBIC 2014
  • PBIC 2014
  • PBIC 2014
  • PBIC 2014
The 4th annual PBIC was held at Lutfi kirdar in Istanbul, Turkey from September 27 to 28 by Zepetto with the cooperation of Nfinity Games, the publisher in Turkey.
A total of 10 teams from 9 regions, who have been through all the preliminaries that covers over 70 countries participated in the tournament and faced off for a prize pot of $50,000. During the 2 days of matches the arena of PBIC was full of tension for fierce competition for the trophy. The “AOEXE” from Russia, the former champion of PBIC 2013 showed their astonishing talent again and have won for consecutive champion title.

Lutfi kirdar, Istanbul, Turkey

Participating Nation

Thailand (KOTH)
Indonesia (ARK GF7)
Turkey (wild FIRE / Atanet games)
Russia (AoeXe)
Latin America - Venezuela (Fallen Angel)
Brazil (Dai Dai Gaming)
North America (antiFrag)
Singapore & Malaysia (TRIARCH)
Korea (Trick)


Champion : Russia (AoeXe)
2nd : Brazil (Dai Dai Gaming)
3rd : Indonesia (ARK GF7)
4th : Thailand (KOTH)
MVP : BAHO(C) (Russia / AoeXe / Bondar Vladislav)

5 Oct. ~ 6 Oct. 2013 Point Blank International Championship 2013

Mess with the best. Die like the rest.

  • PBIC 2013
  • PBIC 2013
  • PBIC 2013
  • PBIC 2013
The 3rd annual PBIC was held at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand through 5th to 6th of October in 2013.
With much support from Garena, the publisher of Point Blank in Thailand, the two-day tournament was successfully held while 9 teams from 8 regions participated. As all the participating teams are the representative team of each region, who have won the staggering elimination over many times, the matches of PBIC 2013 were intense competition. After the ferocious matches, team “AOEXE" from Russia finally won the title and went back to their country with $30,000 of winning prize.

Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Participating Nation

Thailand (MITH.GC / Innovate by Tt)
Indonesia (GuardianForce)
Turkey (Dark Passage)
Russia (AoeXe)
Latin America - Venezuela (Http-Supreme)
Brazil (2kill Ongame)
Philippines (Fairview.CMS)
Taiwan (Overwhelming)


Champion : Russia (AoeXe)
2nd : Indonesia (GuardianForce)
3rd : Thailand (MITH.GC)
4th : Turkey (Dark Passage)
MVP : GTRgF_taLenT7 (Indonesia / GuardianForce / Armario Falentino)

26 May. ~ 27 May. 2012 Point Blank International Championship 2012

Point Blank International Championship 2012

  • PBIC 2012_02
  • PBIC 2012_05
  • PBIC 2012_11
  • PBIC 2012_12
The 2nd annual PBIC was held at Trans Studio in Bandung, Indonesia on the 26th and 27th of May, 2012.
Among 10 participating teams from 9 regions, team “FPF REAL186” from Indonesia won the championship and the 2nd placed winner was team “FGW. CMStorm” from Philippines. The biggest theme park of Indonesia, Trans Studio was fully packed with the fans and audiences for PBIC during two days of the tournaments.

Trans Studio, Bandung, Indonesia

Participating Nation

Thailand (Neolution E-Sports PB)
Indonesia (FPF Real 186 / RVG TOK)
Turkey (Victory)
Russia (Rox.KIS)
Latin America - Peru (Team BRAVO)
Brazil (FlawlessAim)
North America (NAB_KreW)
Italy (Squadra Nazionale Point Blank ITALIA)
Philippines (CM STOR


Champion : Indonesia (FPF Real 186)
2nd : Philippines (CM STORM)
3rd : Indonesia (RVG TOK)

28 Feb. 2011 Point Blank International Championship 2011

The 1st Point Blank International Championship

  • PBIC_2011_01
  • PBIC_2011_02
  • PBIC_2011_03
  • PBIC_2011_04
The First Point Blank International Championship was held in Seoul, South Korea on the 28th of February in 2011.
Zepetto had brought out the idea of this world-wide league hosted by the developer itself, which none of the FPS developer hasn’t done before. 6 representative teams from 6 regions had participated in the first PBIC. On the final, through breathtaking match between the team ‘MITH’ from Thailand and the team “TRICK” from South Korea, the honor of the first champion went to team “MITH.” Point Blank was launched in 30 countries at the moment and the number of the fans were expanding geometrically as for the example Indonesia recorded 270,000 of concurrent users.

Yongsan I’PARK Mall 9F, Seoul, South Korea

Participating Nation

Korea (Trick)
Thailand (MITH)
Russia (Russia)
Indonesia (Kamikaze-Cross)
Brazil (neX-i)
Turkey (DP.TR)


Champion : Thailand (MITH)
2nd : Korea (Trick)
3rd : Russia (Russia)